Who is Debi’Z?

I’m Debi Zylbermann, a programmer and tester by nurture, a quality geek by nature.I’ve spent the last 25 years developing (real-time embedded and applications), testing and managing. My last 5 years were spent as Quality Assurance Director at a large multi-national hi-tech company.

I was used to catching bugs in software programs, and never thought that I would catch a different type of bug: the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) bug!

SEO qualified logo   I retrained with a WONDERFUL teacher, a real SEO “mayven”, Jacki Soikis, the owner of SEO-Simple, and here I am -)

For details of what “SEO Qualified” means, have a look at my “What’s SEO Qualified” page.

In February 2008, I founded my own company, Debi’Z Consulting Ltd., and since them I’m experiencing the thrill of being my own boss, together with the hard work of being my own employee! 

I am in the market (very subtle plug…) for consultation work in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Software Quality Assurance: Quality Assessments, covering both Development and Testing Processes.

This blog aims to encourage a lively discussion on the highs and lows of Software Testing and Quality Assurance,  on the ups and downs of “The World according to Google” (and Yahoo, and the rest …), and just about life and work as I see it.

Please join in – the more the merrier.

Enjoy 🙂


14 responses to “Who is Debi’Z?

  1. Shlomit Halevi

    Dear Debi,

    nice “who I am”, you have to add also a picture.


  2. Thanks, Shlomit. I just added one 🙂

  3. Hi Debi

    Contact me via my blog to claim your Ad spot!

  4. Dear Debi,
    It was nice to read your log and also very creative who am I, and your picture is very cool.


  5. Thanks, Shankar.

  6. Great “about” page and I enjoy reading your blog very much:D

  7. Thanks Jadesh – I must apologize for not remembering to reply earlier. Hope you didn’t take offense, and that you’re still enjoying my blog.

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  9. Hi Debi, Even before seeing your photo I knew this site was you! Got here via Lisa Barkan who told me to look at Amuta 2.0. Your blog looks and sounds great. Kol Hakavod! Good luck and Shanah Tova, Helene

  10. Hi Helene,
    Thanks a lot!
    Shana Tova and Gmar Chatima Tova to you and your family, too.

  11. Cool, you have a blog too !

  12. Hey Priyank, thanks for visiting!

  13. Hi Debi,

    Excellent blog!

    Asaf Saar,

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