What’s “SEO Qualified”?

What is SEO Qualification, and what does it mean to my customers?The “SEO Qualified” seal means that I have been qualified as an SEO Professional by Jacki Soikis of Seo-Simple (Seo-Simple English site), after having fulfilled all the requirements of the Full Training Course for SEO Professionals, held at the John Bryce Academy.The formal and hands-on training includes the following subjects:  

SEO Qualified



Internet site promotion – the use of search engines and updated information, search engine optimization and search engine advertising, an overview of the different parameters that determine the ranking of the site page on the search engine, keywords, problems in promoting special websites, the importance of monitoring the behavior of visitors to the site.

Site reception and study of keywords – Yahoo directories, DMOZ, Alexa, documenting and reporting on the state of the site, registering on Google Sitemap, Yahoo Sitemap, considerations in selecting keywords, establishing the effectiveness of keywords

Keyword Research – Sources and tools for Keyword Research, practice in Keyword Research and placement of keywords

Links – Quality links, ways and methods of getting links, mechanisms for exchanging and trading links, Directories and indexes

Techniques for promoting sitesOptimization of website stucture, On-page optimization, use of the site map, promotion of dynamic and Flash sites, changing URL’s, updating and removal of details from the search engine

PPC – General overview, Adwords, the structure of Google Adwords, definition and management of publicity campaigns, focus groups, ads and keywords. Monitoring and optimizing campaign performance.

And last but by no means least, what can happen when a website is “optimized” incorrectly.

Qualified SEO Professionals undertake to work according to the SEO Code of Ethics.


2 responses to “What’s “SEO Qualified”?

  1. Laura Wasserman


    I noticed the course you will be giving but at the same time it seems that your company does not appear in the first 2 pages of google results when searching for SEO consultants in Israel?

    If you’re teaching SEO why doesen’t your website appear as prominantly as it should?

    • Hi Laura,
      That is indeed an excellent question.
      The main reason is that my target market has never been Israel-based (although I do have Israeli clients).
      The second reason is as they say “the shoemaker goes barefoot” – as a small business that receives most clients from word of mouth or from business alliances, I haven’t had the time or need to promote my own site.
      The fact that you took the time to search, and didn’t find me, just shows that it is sometimes easier to help people do the right thing, whilst not actually doing it oneself. And thanks to you, I will add myself as a client, and do just that.
      Best regards

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