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You’re a Geek, and you just got fired – now what?

Jacob Share from JobMob just twhirled  about Rafe Needman’s “The spreadsheet of sunshine: who’s hiring in the US“. I was just about to go to bed, but I was intrigued, and as you can see, I didn’t get there yet …

It really is a ray of sunshine in the gloom and doom of thousands of layoffs across so many sectors.

However, if you read on all the way to the bottom, then you get to this really cool post about 14 things to do if you are laid off from a tech job

The shortlist is below, but go and read the whole post, for the full explanations of what these things really mean, and why they are good to do (although some of them will need translating for wherever you happen to live).

  1. Get involved in an open-source project
  2. Go to start-up fairs
  3. Get project work
  4. Update your profiles
  5. Learn some new skills
  6. Answer some questions
  7. Get a girlfriend or boyfriend
  8. Campaign in a swing state
  9. Take some time off
  10. Move out of the Bay Area
  11. Buy a new rig
  12. Take pictures
  13. Volunteer
  14. Start your own company

I haven’t got anything else to add, except to hope that none of you really needs this list.

But if you think you might – get started now, before the guillotine drops. And in any case, do pass it on to any of your friends and family who may be in need.

If you have any other ideas to add to the 14 above, please stick them in a comment here for all my readers to see. Thanks.

It’s a short one this time. You deserve it, after all my long-winded posts (and I deserve to see my bed before 2am for a change)!    See you next time (if you sign up for my RSS feed, of course!)


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