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Debi’Z Blog has moved !!

Dear Subscribers,

We have moved our blog over to our website, and it now includes lots of really useful and practical SEO tips and explanations.

We invite you to resubscribe at

(You can dump the old blog subscription while you’re about it!).

Looking forward to seeing you all at our new and updated blog.

Best regards

Debi, and the staff at Debi’Z SEO Consulting.


And Off to Thailand it is …

For the next 2 weeks, you won’t be hearing anything QA, SEO or Business related from me.

I’m off to Thailand with my hubby (leaving the kids behind – yeah !!) for a fortnight, assuming that there isn’t another strike at Ben Gurion airport as there was last night ….

So, if anyone is interested in reading my Thailand vacation blog, you can find it at

Debi’Z Blog may be hosting a couple of guest posts while I’m away (I can’t really disconnect entirely, can I?), so don’t be surprised if something turns up. And please be polite to my guests 🙂

All the best,

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