Debi’Z Wordle

I first saw a wordle done by Joel Katz for Amuta 2.0, and yesterday I received one from Jameel at The Muqata.

It’s such a cool tool, I decided to do one of my own (based on Who is Debi’Z)   🙂

What do you think?

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12 responses to “Debi’Z Wordle

  1. OK. Now that I’ve seen yours and Jameel’s, I have to go try one myself! Very cool.

  2. But why doesn’t “shoes” appear? Or did I miss it. 🙂

  3. Shoes !!! Of course, how could i have been so stupid …..
    That’s because the word “shoes” doesn’t appear in the “about me” of my blog (maybe it should? no – I know – that’s a subject for a whole new blog!)

  4. I found it first on Ye’hi’s blog, and fell in love with it. Problem is, I can’t stop: there are an infinite number of permutations and combinations…it’s endless!

  5. Hi Lady-Light,
    I must agree with you, it’s almost as addictive as blogging !!
    I’ve already created a Rosh Hashana card, as well as this one, and more are on the way!

  6. I actually liked the mysigniture:-)

  7. Thanks Gidon, I’m going to use it from now on!

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  9. Very interesting! I must try too 🙂

  10. Be careful, Priyank, it can be addictive!!

  11. Thanks, Winona.
    They came directly out of my “about us” page of this blog, but I will admit to having added a few more to get better weights for the most important words and terms!

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