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I first heard about Digital Eve, “a unique women’s organization about technology, creativity and community” from Nancy Clayman, when I mentioned to her that I was planning to open my own business. Nancy, a freelancer for many years, was a “Deva”, or “DEI” (a.k.a. member of Digital Eve Israel), and she highly recommended that I join up too.

Digital Eve has 20 chapters, 17 of them in the US and Canada, one in Japan, one in the United Kingdom, and of course, there just had to be one here in Israel.

The Israel chapter consists of an email list of more than 1200 professional and very active members, covering a wide spectrum of the Israeli Hi-Tech industry, supporting services, and business in general.

Devas use the list for job-hunting, employee search, asking and receiving advice, looking for suppliers, promoting their own businesses (that’s allowed once a quarter, or in reply to a question), and promoting their favourite charities – “Care & Share” emails are collated and sent out at the beginning of each month by the tireless steering board members, who also moderate the list, thus keeping the dialogue and posts at the highest professional level.

Although an organization by women for women, there are quite a lot of honorary male “Devas” too.

One of them is Jacob Share, author of JobMob, which is “about bringing together job seekers and jobfinders to find jobs in Israel and all over the world”. As a thank you to DEI, which he calls “the best English mailing list in Israel for professionals”,  Jacob recently posted a list of Digital Eve Israel Blogs, including screen shots of each blog, and icon links to the bloggers’ social media profiles. 

Yours truly is on the list, as are 19 other bloggers (so far), and I recommend that you check them out – I’ve already added quite a few to my RSS list!

And if you aren’t a Digital Eve member yet, you should definitely think about joining. Go to their website, scroll down (if you’re on a laptop…) and click the big red “Join Now” button.

Digital Eve Israel’s Bloggers

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6 responses to “JobMob Posts The Digital Eve Israel Blogroll

  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  2. Wow, my first (I think) commentor who found me on Google!
    Thanks, Randy, and I hope you’ll enjoy the rest.

  3. Thanks for the mention, Debi.

    Stumbled this for you:

  4. A pleasure, Jacob. Your site it great, over and above the Deva blog post.

    And thanks a lot for the stumble.


  5. Ye’hi told me about your synopsis of the NbN JBlogger Convention–it’s good! I like the way you link the blogs of those you write about.
    I was there in the virtual chat room, chatting away and meeting old and new bloggers.
    I really enjoyed it. Btw, where do you live? You write that you “walked an hour and a half” to get home. I wish I lived in Yerushalayim so that I could walk to the conference!

  6. Thanks a lot, Lady-Light, glad you enjoyed my synopsis, and the conference.
    Btw, who is “Ye’hi”?
    I live in Kiryat Shmuel – about 10 minutes walk from the President’s house.

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