Thank You All for Thinking I was on Holiday…

I love August.

It means that if I get writers’ block on my blog, you all assume that I’m on holiday …

Well, don’t laugh.

I can’t go on holiday.

Or rather, we (hubby and kids) can’t go on holiday.

For 1, we’re rennovating our flat. You don’t go away in the middle of choosing taps, toilets, and wallpaper, especially if hubby is an Interior Designer.

For 2, when our movers packed our stuff, we forgot to take our passports out …

Since I was flying to Sophia for SEETest 2008 the day after we moved out, I actually DO have my passport in my bag.

But I think that if I went away on my own, I might not get a set of new keys to the flat when I get back 😦

So, enjoy the rest of August, my friends, and I’ll get back to you when my writers’ block goes away…

And thanks to Tzvi (you know who you are) for being the inspiration behind this post.

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