And the 2nd Winner of my Free SEO Give-Away competition is…

Kevin Prince … all the way from Down Under 🙂  Kev – send me a buzz via the Contact page, and we’ll arrange how you can collect your prize.

And Daniel B, the 1st Winner – if you’re still reading, please contact me too.

Jagdesh – sorry about that, but random is what random does.

By now it’s no secret that I’m NOT going to win  the “Blogging Idol” competition… but I wasn’t in it for the money anyway. I’ve learnt so many new tactics and techniques, and discovered a pile of great sites and blogs to wile away my time with, that it was definitely worth it.

The Blogging Idol ends in 3 days time, and that also gives you

Just 3 more days to win my Final SEO Give-Away.

All you have to do is subscribe to my blog (this link is for email subscriptions, for RSS, click on  ) and write a comment on the blog telling me that you’ve subscribed. Please don’t forget to write that comment, or I won’t be able to put you into the next draw of the competition.
And if any of you looking at the Blogging Idol Scoreboard are wondering what happened to MY numbers (you can scroll down to entrant #102 to find me) – well just go look for all my questions on the Feedburner Help forums (on second thoughts, you probably don’t want to bother doing that) … anyway they are somewhere in the 60’s, which I’m rather happy with, all things considered.

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