An Apology, and A Call To Action

Dear Subscribers,

My friend Charlie has being doing QA on my blog posts. Thank you, Charlie.

Charlie is one of my newer subscribers who subscribed directly to Debi’Z Blog. I, on the other hand (together with most of you), subscribed to my blog in it’s previous incarnation (Debi’Z QA Blog). I subscribed to be able to do my own QA (don’t laugh).

Anyway, my attempt to transfer all you “oldies” over to the new blog seems to have worked except for the following:

  • Charlie sends me an email saying “there’s no title in your blog posts”
  • I go onto the Google Help site for Feedburner (the application that manages feeds and subscribers)
  • It has almost 7000 questions !
  • I spend 2 days discussing the problem with Franklin Tse [Community Expert] from Hong Kong
  • He helps me – I fix it
  • I look at my subscriber numbers, and most of them are missing …
  • I spend another 2 days discussing the problem with Franklin Tse [Community Expert]
  • He helps me again – I fix it (and he tells me that within 72 hours “I should see a big change”)
  • Charlie sends me an email saying “the title is now Debi’Z QA Blog”
  • I go back onto Google Feedburner help, and send out an SOS
  • No reply …
  • Charlie sends me an email saying “now it’s worse, I received the same post twice, once from Debi’Z Blog, and the other from Debi’Z QA Blog”
  • I reply to Charlie that “worse” would have been if he hadn’t received it at all …

I’m stuck.

My next direction is going to be Blogging experts (Miriam S. – you may get a call on Sunday).

So, this is why I’m apologizing.

I hope that you get my posts at least once, whether from Debi’Z Blog or from Debi’Z QA Blog.

If you get them from “”, I also apologize, but at least you get them.

If you get them twice or three times, ditto

If you don’t get them at all, I doubly apologize (actually, you probably aren’t reading this if you don’t get my posts, so I don’t really need to apologize to you do I?)

And now, the CALL TO ACTION.

If you subscribed to Debi’Z Blog, you don’t need to do anything, except grin and bear it. I’ve been told that by mid-August everything should sort itself out (please G-d).

If you subscribed to Debi’Z QA Blog, (hint – it would have been before the 17th of July), then I need you to subscribed again to Debi’Z Blog. Otherwise, in mid-August, when my old blog is deleted from the blogosphere, you will stop getting my posts. If you aren’t sure, subscribe anyway – better safe than sorry.

Please follow Charlie’s lead, and let me know if anything strange is happenning with my posts. PLEASE.

Thank you all, and have a good weekend 🙂


2 responses to “An Apology, and A Call To Action

  1. I’m having lots of problems with feedburner as well and the help on their blog is ridiculous. Good luck to you. I was in Blogging Idol as well but dropped out today since I’m not close to winning and wanted to continue some paid stumbleupon ads.

  2. Thanks for your good wishes, and good luck with your blog , feedburner, and stumbleupon ads 🙂

    Actually, the Google Feedburner guys (especially Franklin and Matt) have been very helpful, and now at least all my email subscribers are on my new blog. No idea what to do about the RSS ones though …

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