Sorry all, there were 78 great tips, not 100’s

A few days ago, I wrote a post called “100’s of tips to increase RSS subscribers“. The “100’s” was my estimate for the amount of tips that would be posted to the group project.

Well, sorry all, but in the end there were “just” 78 unique tips – I guess quite a few people wrote in the same things.

Still, 78 great tips is a fantastic resource for anyone trying to improve their blog subsriber numbers.

Actually, I really suggest that you read them, even if you aren’t into blogging yet, since quite a few of these tips are relevant for promoting a regular website, as well as a blog.

As I wrote in that post, I managed to get 10 tips into the project, by the skin of my teeth – literally at the last minute before the project closed. 3 of them were unique, so I ended up 8th in the list, out of 13 bloggers who sent in tips, which isn’t bad, considering that any technique that was mentioned more than once was associated with the first person who wrote in !!

Just in case you thought that that was the end, well, no it isn’t. The next stage in this thing is to vote for the tip (or blogger) who you thought was best. Or at least, you can vote for one of MY tips!! You can recognize them by the purplish RSS sign  in front of my tips, together with my name.

To vote for me or one of my tips, go to this page, and add a comment voting for one of my tips.

Thanks a lot 🙂

And if you enjoyed reading this, please consider subscribing to my RSS Feed, and receive all my updates.


4 responses to “Sorry all, there were 78 great tips, not 100’s

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  2. I am surprised you never linked back to the winner!

    ; )

  3. Damn – I thought I did ….

    I’ll correct it NOW (although I was just about to go to bed – it’s nearly 2am, but you deserve my link)

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