OK, at last I’ve worked it out …


Remember my post on breaking all the branding, SEO and Blogging rules, about how I ended up with 2 blogs, and a prize advert that I didn’t know what to do with?

Well, I sorted it out (I think!)  -)

  1. I’ve created a new blog, with all the posts and comments and stuff from this one.
  2. I’ve also given it a new layout. I prefer it, I hope you will.
  3. I’ve changed it’s name so that it’s not just about QA, but also about SEO, Business, Work and just Life in general. The “Who am I” has changed (both the link and the content)
  4. You can access it at Debi’Z Blog (which in URL terms is https://debizblog.wordpress.com).
  5. All subscribers have automatically been redirected to the feed of the new blog.
  6. I’m putting this feed on both the old and the new blog, so you may recieve it twice. If you do, that means that all this worked !! If you don’t, it still may have worked (if you received it from the new blog) ….
  7. I’m also putting this as a comment on all the blogs that I commented on, so if you also commented on the same blog, please note my new url.

Now all I have to do is to get all my links from the world redirected to the new URL -(


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