SEO Give-Away Competition !!!

How did I get myself into such a pickle?

Remember my post on breaking all the branding, SEO and Blogging rules?

Well, I probably should have rushed and put up my SEO blog in time to get it into The Blogging Idol competition. But I only managed to get my QA blog there. And now I’ve discovered that I can’t redirect either of them to a combined QA and SEO blog, because I’m hosted on …

So, I’m going to start putting some of my SEO blog posts up here too, and please just assume that this blog was really called “Debi’Z blog”, or “Debi’Z QA and SEO blog”.

At least until I get this sorted out? OK ??

You can find a short history of how I got into SEO at “Who am I?“, and you’ll find an overview of what I do for an SEO living at “What does SEO Qualified mean? “.

And now for the competition …

Do you want to win a FREE SEO Website Analysis?  Well NOW YOU CAN !

Once a week, till the end of the Blogging Idol competition, I will be giving away a FREE analysis of the website of your choice.

All you need to do is to subscribe to THIS blog as of today, and let me know about it in a comment on this post. Three subscribers, chosen completely at random, will win the prize 🙂

The prize-winners will be announced on the 20th, 27th, and 31st of July !!

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7 responses to “SEO Give-Away Competition !!!

  1. Hi – I already have subscribed – so I don’t know if the competition applies to me – but I would love to have my website – or my review blog – reviewed! I am really interested in your SEO blog!!!

  2. Hey Debi, good luck!
    And consider this my entry in your competition!:-)

  3. Mommymeryl, I’ll have to think about it, and let you know.

    Gidon – great, you’re in.

  4. Hi Debi,
    Best of luck! Looks like an interesting blog!

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