100’s of Tips to Increase RSS subscribers

To my Dear QA subscribers, I PROMISE to get back to the rest of the SEETest 2008 posts, and other QA and Test related posts, so bear with me, and I hope that these digressions are at least entertaining, if not also useful 🙂

To my Dear non-QA subscribers – I PROMISE to keep adding SEO, Blogging and other bits and bobs, so don’t go away 🙂

I have exactly 45 minutes (wasted 45 already …) to write a post with tips to increase the number of RSS subscribers to a blog or website. What are RSS subscribers? They are people who are interested in what you write, and want to hear more, without having to guess when you have written anything new.

You can subscribe to a website or blog either by email, in which case you’ll receive updates directly to your inbox, or you can set yourself up with an RSS reader, which gathers all your new subscribed-to stuff, and you can go look at it all  whenever you want. It’s pretty easy, and here are the instructions to set up an RSS reader. I use Netvibes, by the way, but you can use any others.

So, why do I have just 40 minutes (another 5 gone …) ?

Because that’s the extended deadline to add some of my own tips to the Building RSS Group Writing Project being run by Jacob Share, who generously gave me the extra time 🙂  The idea of this project is that lots of bloggers write in with their tips for increasing subscribers (aka Readers), and all those great tips get put into an ebook. Everyone who writes a tip gets a mention in the ebook, too, so that in itself is a bonus. Plus there are quite a lot of blog-friendly prizes.  

Most of these tips I have to say thanks to my Blogging Teacher, Miriam Schwab of Illuminea, who got me onto the whole blogging thing (just 3 weeks ago!!!). And a couple of them are my own 🙂 
Some are pretty basic, and some not so much…

So, what tips can I add (although I don’t actually do them all myself …):

  1. Write beneficial posts that people will want to read and comment on
  2. Choose your niche, and stay focused.
  3. Choose your style, and stick with it
  4. Shorter posts more often are better than long ones every now and again
  5. Even if you write short posts, add a longer one “pillar” post once in a while
  6. Use opportunities like speaking at conferences to promote your blog. I just did that a couple of weeks ago – I gave a conference talk, and included a competition. I told the attendees that the answers would be on the blog.
  7. Use images and videos, but aim them at the audience
  8. Campaign for causes
  9. Do research and post results, with real numbers, not just “feelings”
  10. People love lists – write about “the 10 best”, “the 25 worst”, “5 Tips for Getting Your First (SEO) clients“, and stuff like that.

There are loads more, but I’ve run out of time, so that’s it.

So, where are the other 90+ tips, you may ask? Easy peasy – go over to Jacob’s Building RSS Group Writing Project, and be there when he posts the results!

And if you enjoyed reading this, please consider subscribing to my RSS Feed, and receive all my updates.

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3 responses to “100’s of Tips to Increase RSS subscribers

  1. Thanks for participating in the Building RSS gwp and contest, Debi.

    I Stumbled this for you:

  2. Thanks a lot, Jacob!
    Actually the “100’s” was with respect to the combined result of all the people who took part, but it looks like I mistakenly erased the sentence at the end that said so !!!
    I’d better put it back before the next person reads my post, and wonders where the 100’s went to …

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