Exploratory Testing and “The Blogging Idol” competition

I always believed that Quality Assurance and Testing are a combination of Science and Art. One of the arts of testing is Exploratory Testing, where experience is a key factor to the test engineer’s ability to perform effectively.

Well, Blogging is also a combination of a science and an art, and to make it work, you need a lot of experience, just like exploratory testing.

So, welcome to the “Blogging Idol” competition, a 1-month competition where “small” blogs (under 1000 subscribers on the 1st of July, 2008 ) are encouraged to increase their subscriber count. Since my blog is new, I only have 1 subscriber so far. I really need your help to get that up into the hundreds !

The competition is also aimed at improving bloggers’ experience – each blogger has to write a weekly report, including all the techniques that they have used to improve their subscriber count during the previous week! Everyone in the competition gets to see that list, and try it out on their own blog to see how it helps. Now, that isn’t quite pair-wise testing, more like “hundred-wise” testing!

Whatever we call it, I like the idea, and Debi’Z Blog has joined the competition.

So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me win this, by subscribing to my blog. It’s really easy – all you need to do is click on the right hand corner of the blog, either on “subscribe in a reader” (for that you need to have or set up an RSS reader, I use Netvibes, by the way, but you can use any others), or on “Subscribe to Debi’Z blog by Email“. What this does is that each time I add another post, you receive it by email.

Of course, it would be really cool if you actually commented on my posts, so that my blog would become a center for discussion on QA, Testing, SEO, work and life in general….

If you enjoyed this post, please consider subscribing to my RSS Feed, to keep up with all future updates

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8 responses to “Exploratory Testing and “The Blogging Idol” competition

  1. Good luck to you in Blogging Idol! I just subscribed to get you going a bit!

  2. Good Luck.

    Check out my blog, I got a guide to building RSS subscriber count.

    And still have one free advertising slot available!

  3. Thanks, David. You have loads of interesting stuff, so you are now on my list of RSS feeds, and my blogroll 🙂
    Maybe I’ll even get that last free advertising slot?

  4. Hi there – I just subscribed to you – I appreciated the feedback on my blog via David’s review on Protycoon. . .

    BTW, are you from Israel? Just curious – I spent my summer after college graduation there and had one of the best summers ever!

  5. Glad you liked the feedback Meryl!

  6. Good luck with blogging idol but it kindof looks like we dont stand a chance with winning. I cant believe how many new subscribers the blog in first place has got.

  7. Yes, Tom, of course you’re right, but as a first time blogger, with only about 3 weeks’ worth blogging under my belt, I did it more to learn from other peoples’ strategies and tactics than I had any real thought that I might win.

  8. Hi

    Good luck with the new blog, looks interesting.

    Following your mail to DEI list, i’ve registered.


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