The Best of the Best, SIGiST Israel 2008

And now, last but absolutely not least, the “Best Presentation Award“, which went to Danny (Danko) Kovatch. Danny’s talk was a double session, and it could easily have been a 1 or 2-day tutorial. His subject was “Scrum: the Roles and Responsibilities of QA”, and included a short introduction on Agile and the Agile Manifesto, to get everyone onto the same page.   Danko Best Presentation at SIGiST Israel 2008

Danko used techniques from the world of Agile to explain how testing and testers are involved in Scrum, and his use of the audience was highly effective. Among other things, he taught us how to do “planning poker” – a really cool method of estimating, that gets all the stakeholders in the project actually talking to each other (who’ld have thought it was possible!!) .

Danko explained the dynamics of the Sprint Life Cycle, and showed us a few of the other tools and techniques used in Sprint, like “Planning – just before committing”, Visibility Charts – Task Charts and Burn Down charts.

There’s no way I can explain the dynamics of this session in a few blog lines. Suffice to say that it was highly entertaining as well as very educational.

And if you are asking what the roles and responsibilities of QA are in the world of Scrum?

The role of QA in scrum

Now wouldn’t it be nice if we could all say that we work in a fully integrated Scrum organization, where “testers and coders are fully Integrated“??

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