Keynotes, and why some of them should be scrapped…

OK, you’ve heard me talk in length about the presentations that I listened to all the way through SIGiST Israel 2008. You’ve even (hopefully) read my post about Vipul Kocher’s keynote.

Well, unfortunately, some of the keynotes should really take a lesson from the presentations. True, in many cases, keynotes are really good, especially if they are technical keynotes from domain specialists.

However, my gripe is when the keynotes are given by the sponsors. If they do a good job, fine, as that’s a win-win situation.

But guys, really …. we KNOW that you are plugging your product, even if you say you aren’t. At least give the audience the benefit of the doubt that we are intelligent beings: what you have to say has to be INTERESTING!! Don’t send us to sleep …

At SIGiST 2008 I did enjoy Vipul (but then he wasn’t a sponsor), and I also enjoyed and learnt something from the keynote on “Microsoft’s ALM solution – Implementing Testing  & QA Measurements“, given by Shai Raiten and Hila Lahav Rice.

With regards to the other 2 keynotes, ‘Nuff said  😉

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One response to “Keynotes, and why some of them should be scrapped…

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