Intro to 1st Track day at SIGiST Israel 2008

Hi there again,

Today was the first day of the track sessions at the SIGiST Israel 2008 conference. I was honoured to be Track Chair for the Test Management track, which meant that I didn’t have to break my head over which presentations to go and listen to!

The day started with an introduction by Alon Linetzki, the SIGiST Israel Chair and founder, and the guy behind the fact that SIGiST Israel exists – well done, Alon!
Some interesting facts that Alon presented were: more than 90 people attended the tutorials, and more than 140 people were registered for the two track days.
  Alon Linetzki
SIGiST Israel 2008   From having sat through a complete track, I can safely say that these numbers are not an exaggeration. One of the presentations in the management track (by Dr. Avi Ofer) was attended by about 60 people, and most of the others also had almost full-room attendance.
Here are a couple of people trying to decide which sessions to go to 🙂
Alon also mentioned that the number of SIGiST members had grown by 20% in the last year, and that one of the European (I think) SIGiST chairmen had mentioned to him that they reached an attendance of 250 by their 8th conference, so the attendance here was really good, considering that it’s only the 2nd SIGiST Israel conference.

Vipul’s Unfinished Dream

After the opening, the first Keynote speaker of the conference was Vipul Kocher , co-founder of Puretesting and President of the Indian Testing Board, who spoke about his vision for the future of Testing. He ingratiated himself with the audience by starting off with “Shalom”, but then carried on by saying “Layla Tov” (which means “good night”).   Vipul Kocher

He asked us if he had made a mistake, but obviously knew what he was saying, as he then said that he was going to present us his “unfinished dream”, and that one can only dream at night … which was prompted by applause for the play on words in a foreign language. Vipul received another round of applause by saying that if any country had the creativeness to complete his dream it was Israel. 

I did like Vipul’s question to the audience about whether “self-testing software” would solve the problems of testing. I liked his answer even more: “hopefully not in my lifetime!”. For those of us (and that’s probably almost everyone reading this blog) who make our living testing software, I think we can really relate!

Vipul had a wonderful slide in his presentation, in which he said:

Bug – The Only Perfect Being
Most bugs are because
imperfect requirements are imperfectly translated
into imperfect design which is imperfectly translated
into imperfect code

Vipul’s dream itself is an attempt to find breakthrough innovation in testing, and is based on a solution integrating everything that affects the world of testing. This led to a short discussion on whether parts of his solution already exist, and whether it would become a white elephant. Here are a couple of slides to give you an idea of Vipul’s dream.

After the keynote, there were 3 parallel sessions, divided into 4 tracks: Test Management (full day), Test Design and Techniques (full day), Test Methodology (half day) and Test Process Improvement (half day).

More on that to come …


2 responses to “Intro to 1st Track day at SIGiST Israel 2008

  1. Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

  2. Thanks, Sue. This is the first blog I’ve done, and I just started it less than a week ago, so comments from experienced bloggers is much appreciated 🙂

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